Singapore Employment Pass vs S Pass vs Work Permit

Singapore is an employment hub across a wide range of industries and for a diverse group of workers in terms of proficiency levels and skillsets….

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Singapore is an employment hub across a wide range of industries and for a diverse group of workers in terms of proficiency levels and skillsets. In this blog, we set out a high-level snapshot of essential points which you need to know when employing a foreigner in Singapore.

Employment PassS PassWork Permit
Who is it for?For foreign professionals, managers, and executives.For skilled workers.For skilled and semi-skilled migrant workers in the construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process or services sectors, or for foreign performers working in public entertainment outlets such as bars, hotels and nightclubs.
NationalitiesAvailable to all nationalities.Available to all nationalities.Only approved countries such as, but not limited to, Malaysia, China, South Korea, India.
Minimum salary• Starting from S$5,000 and increases progressively with age, up to S$10,500 for those in the mid-40s.
• Candidates in the financial services sector need higher salaries to qualify.
S$3,150 a month.No minimum required.
LevyNot required.Levy applicable, depending on industry. Monthly levy is typically around S$550 – S$650.Levy applicable depending on industry, candidate’s home country, and candidate’s skill proficiency. Monthly levy ranges from S$250 – S$950.
QuotaNot required.Quota applicable, depending on industry. Quota is typically 10-15% of the company’s total workforce.Quota applicable, depending on industry. Ranges 10-60% of the company’s total workforce.
Duration• First-time candidates: up to 2 years.
• Renewals up to 3 years.
• Experienced tech professionals with skills in shortage may be eligible for a longer 5-year duration pass.
Up to 2 years.Up to 2 years, subject to security bond.
Medical insuranceOptional.Employers must provide insuranceEmployers must provide insurance
Any other required tests?Each EP application must pass the Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS).NA• Specified industry may have prescribed tests.
• For example, workers who handle metals and machinery must complete either a Metalworking Safety Orientation Course or a Apply Workplace Safety and Health in Metal Work.
Can candidate apply to be a Singapore permanent resident?YesYesNo

There are many more work permit subcategories which may be available for you. Marco is well-versed in global employment and we are able to handle all applications and renewals in order for your company to expand its workforce in Singapore.

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