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Exchange Rate

13 Jun 2024


Cost of Living

Indicative value for a working adult in a city: Vilnius

Publicly available data (Numbeo, etc..), verified by Marco’s in-country staff

Living Requirement Indicative Amount (EUR)
McDonalds Set Meal 8.00
Monthly Train and Bus Tickets 29
3 Bedrooms Rental (City Center) 1,356
3 Bedrooms Rental (Outskirt) 913

Current Inflation Rate



Minimum Wages

  • 924 EUR per month

Median Salary

Estimated based on general positions such as HR, Accounting, Admin roles, in tier one cities.

Job Level Monthly Salary (EUR)
Fresh Graduate
5 Years
Experienced & Managerial Level
10 Years
Specialized & Senior-Level
15 Years

Annual Salary Growth


Statutory Contribution

Country Level

Type Employer Rates Employee Rates Notes
Pension Insurance - 8.72% All staff
Sickness Insurance - 1.99% All staff
Maternity Insurance - 1.81% All staff
Health Insurance - 6.98% All staff
Unemployment Insurance 1.31% - Permanent contracts
2.03% - Fixed term contracts
- All staff
Accident and Occupational Disease Insurance 0.16 - All staff depending on the company's risk profile
Long-term Employment Benefit Fund 0.16% - All staff with long service for severance payouts
Guarantee Fund 0.16%
Capped at 6 monthly salary payments
- All staff

Other Benefit

Other common employment benefits in Lithuania include:

  • Additional Annual Leave: 4-8 additional days per year
  • Fitness Allowance: Around 30 EUR per month
  • Private Health Insurance: Around 50 EUR per month

Income Tax


  • Tax period: 1st January - 31st December
    Filing Due Date: 15th June of the following year

Country Level

Taxable Income Rate
Up to 114,162 20%
Above 114,162 32%


  • Depends on the double taxation agreement between countries. Typically, only income originating in Lithuania is taxed, the rate is same as residents

Working Hours


40 hours
8 hours a day, 5 days a week

Typical practice

40 hours
Monday- Friday


Maximum hours- 8 per week

  • General hours: 150% salary
  • Night work: 200% salary

Employment Contract



Maximum 3 months


  • During probation:
    - 3 days written notice
  • After probation:
    - Under 1 year service: Staff give 2 weeks, employer gives 2 months written notice
  • Severance:
    - Termination without fault with up to 1 years' service: 1 month salary
    - Termination without fault with up to 2 years' service: 2 month's salary

Public Holiday

16 days


Leave Type Entitlement Notes
Annual leave 20 working days
24 working days
All staff working 5 days per week
All staff working 6 days per week
Sick leave 90 calendar days per year All staff with 3 months in 1 year of sickness insurance contributions
Maternity leave 18 weeks
14 days before birth, 14 after
All expectant mothers
Paternity leave 30 calendar days Expectant fathers from birth until child is 1
Education Leave 5 working days per year
up to 20 working days per year
All staff attending non-formal adult education programmes
All staff with 5 years' service attending non-formal adult education programmes


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