Global Mobility

Turn frictionless global mobility into reality with world-class support from Marco.

How It Works

Follow-through from start to finish

Payroll & Benefit design

The options for structuring mobility assignments are complex, with numerous expat or transferee structures. We provide actionable insights and cost estimation for designing your staff’s payroll and benefits, together with the total cost for employer


Work permit & Visa application

We work with you to determine the best visa options for your employees. Then, we follow through by handling the hassle of paperwork, deadlines, and complex requirements.


Landing support

Medical check-ups, pension registration, insurance set-up? No problem. From pre-immigration preparation to onboarding and settling in, we will sort out all the paperwork and processes.


Expat tax guidance

Taxes can be tricky in every country, which is why we will guide you through tax registration, filing, and payment no matter where your staff is located.


Visa transfer & renewal

We help you navigate the hurdles of visa renewals, sponsorship transfers, and all its complicated requirements. Rest easy as we take care of the paperwork and administrative issues.


Leaving support

At the end of the mobility assignment, we will help you tie up all loose ends, including asset return, visa cancellation, insurance unenrollment, and more.


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