Employer of Record (EOR)

Hire staff in any country without your own local entity.

What is Employer Of Record (EOR)?

An employer of record (EOR) is a third-party service that legally employs international staff on behalf of businesses. It allows businesses to outsource employer responsibilities while retaining operational control over their staff. The service provides a legal employer for the staff, handling employer responsibilities such as employment contract, payroll, and HR operation support, which allows businesses to hire overseas staff with ease, in full compliance.

EOR simplifies global workforce management for growing businesses:

  • Eliminate the complexities of setting up local entities.
  • Ensure compliance with local employment laws and regulations.
  • Enable companies to focus on their core activities.

What We Provide

Real local employer and services, with global process and data management

Licensed Local Legal Employer

  • Fully compliant employer through qualified local licensed agencies
  • Compliant and adjustable employment contracts
  • Local HR support on the ground

Seamless Onboarding

  • Tailored procedures for each country requirements
  • Swift and meticulous information collection
  • Adherence to regional privacy regulations

Payroll & Benefits

  • Accurate and transparent payroll operations
  • Timely salary and contribution payments
  • Customized benefits implementation, from pension set-up to insurance enrollment

People Management

  • Unified data management on Marco Platform
  • Streamlined processes for time-off, expenses, and mobility
  • Country-specific and compliant HR policies

Focus on Your Growth

We’ll take care of the rest.

Step 1 : You found the talent

Your recruiting team found the candidate in a country that you do not have entity.

Step 2 : We hire them

Marco, with a local licensed legal employer, will hire and onboard the staff on your behalf.

Step 3 : Grow your business

Marco will take care of the staff, including employment contract, payroll, insurances, time off, expense, visas, and more. You can simply focus on growing your business.

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