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Exchange Rate

13 Jun 2024


Cost of Living

Indicative value for a working adult in a city: Toronto

Publicly available data (Numbeo, etc..), verified by Marco’s in-country staff

Living Requirement Indicative Amount (CAD)
McDonalds Set Meal 15.00
Monthly Train and Bus Tickets 156.00
3 Bedrooms Rental (City Center) 4,495
3 Bedrooms Rental (Outskirt) 3,645

Current Inflation Rate



Minimum Wages

  • Minimum wage: 17.30/ hour from April 1st 2024
    British Columbia: 17.40 /hour from June 1st 2024

Median Salary

Estimated based on general positions such as HR, Accounting, Admin roles, in tier one cities.

Job Level Monthly Salary (CAD)
Fresh Graduate
5 Years
Experienced & Managerial Level
10 Years
Specialized & Senior-Level
15 Years

Annual Salary Growth


Statutory Contribution

Country Level

Type Employer Rates Employee Rates Notes
The Canada Pension Plan CPP 5.95% 5.95% All Staff capped at 3,867.50 for those earning or up to 68,500.
Employees earing 73,200+ an additional 4% capped at 188
Employment Insurance 2.21%
(1.68% in Québec)
1.66% All Staff in Québec different rate as there additional withholdings for the Québec Pension Plan & Québec Parental Insurance Plan

State/Province Level


Type Employer Rates Employee Rates Notes
Québec Pension Plan 5.9% - Capped at Québec Parental Insurance Plan
Québec Parental Insurance Plan 0.692% 1.32 -

Other Benefit

Other common employment benefits in Canada include:

  • Federal Severance: Employees with 12 months' continuous service and their termination was not for just cause such as layoff.
    Severance: 2 days' pay for each year service with a minimum benefit of 5 days' pay, whichever is greater
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP): 4%-5% monthly employee contribution capped at 31,560
  • Traveling Meals and entertainment for business: 100% covered (50% expense deductible)
  • Car Allowance: 600 / month
  • Car allowance by kilometers: first 5,000 kilometers: 70¢ / kilometer.
    After 5,000 kilometers: Allowance: 64¢ / kilometer
    In Northwest Territories Yukon & Nunavut): additional 4¢ / kilometer

Income Tax


  • Tax period:
    Filing start date:
    Filing Due Date:

Country Level

Taxable Income Rate
0-55,867 15%
55,8678-111,733 20.5%
111,734 -173,205 26%
173,206-246,752 29%
246,753+ 33%

State/Province Level


Taxable Income Rate
0-51,780 14%
51,781-103,545 19%
103,546-126,000 24%
126,001+ 25.75%

Working Hours


40 hours
8 hours a day, 5 days a week

Typical practice



Anything after 40 hours paid at 1.5 times base rate

  • Capped at 10 hours a day, 48 hours a week
  • Ontario: 1.5 x base rate after 44 hours / week
    British Columbia: 1.5 times regular rate for the first 12 hours over 40 hours a week, and 2 times base rate after

Employment Contract


Has a specified end date


Usually none or short-term


Contract ends at end date.

Public Holiday

10 national days
Other public holidays vary per region

Country Level

Date Name
01 Jan New Year's Day
29 Mar Good Friday
01 Jul Canada Day
02 Sep Labor Day
30 Sep National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
25 Dec Christmas Day

State/Province Level

British Columbia

Date Name
19 Feb Family Day
20 May Victoria Day
05 Aug Civic Holiday
14 Oct Thanksgiving Day
11 Nov Remembrance Day


Leave Type Entitlement Notes
Personal Leave Leave 5 days
Paid by
All Staff with 3 months' service
Victims of family violence Leave 10 working days
Paid by
All Staff with 3 months' service
Bereavement Leave 10 days total
First 3 days paid
Last 7 days unpaid
Paid by
All Staff 0-3 months service: 10 days unpaid
All Staff 3+ months' service: 3 days paid
For death of an immediate family member's death
Medical Leave 27 weeks
10 days paid rest unpaid.
All Staff with 3 months' service: 3 days then 1 day accrued each month until 10 days cap.
Maternity Leave (paid & unpaid) 17 weeks unpaid - starts 3 weeks before birth
15 weeks - paid by Employment Insurance income capped at 688/ week
Expectant mothers
Standard + Extended Parental Leave Standard: 40 weeks - 1 parent cannot receive < 35 weeks standard benefits capped at 668 / week

Extended: 69 weeks - 1 parent cannot receive < 61weeks standard benefits capped at 401/ week
Paid by
All Staff expecting, adopting, or surrogates sharing leave
Parental Leave (unpaid) 8 additional weeks leave All Staff
Compassionate Care Leave (unpaid) 28 weeks
Paid by
All Staff caring for a family member with a serious medical condition
Critical illness leave (unpaid) 37 weeks for a child, 17 weeks for an adult
Paid by
All Staff with critically ill child under 18 or adult family member
Leave for death/ disappearance of a child 156 weeks unpaid from death or disappearance
Paid by
All Staff when child under 25 has died / disappeared as a result of crime
Leave for traditional Aboriginal practices 5 working days
Paid by
All Staff that are Aboriginal Native Indians: Inuit or Métis. For fishing, hunting, harvesting or practices
Leave for members of reserve forces 24 months in a 60-month cycle
Paid by
All Staff after 3 months' service


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