Global Payroll

Say hello to global controlled process with local payroll processing and service delivery.

How It Works

Global-local payroll service that works


Global Process and Control

Every payroll process follows a global procedure: change data confirmation, payroll calculation, and payment. Global HQ will have control on each of these steps. All salary changes, expenses, contributions or any other payroll data is monitored and controlled.


Local Service

All payroll processing is completed locally in accordance with local regulations for contribution rates, statutory pay items, taxes. Gross-to-net calculations are always validated by in-country certified public accountants.


Statutory Benefit Management

We handle all additional tasks for managing statutory contributions in every country, from payslip certification in Mexico to city tax submission in Japan.


Tax Compliance

Income categorization, personal deductions, and tax withholding is done in compliance with local regulation. Annual tax filing season becomes pain-free with our ready made local tax forms.


Financial Reporting

Customized GL File and other financial reports prepared for each payroll processing, reducing your finance department's workload.


Real-time Business Intelligence

Analyze your global labor cost, people movement, salary change, expense spending, time-off and mobility cases with real-time data.

Local payroll processing
Global process control
Realtime and customized reporting

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