Marco for Vendors

Your very own global workforce SaaS platform

White label or API integrate with Marco Platform

Marco has invested millions of dollars so that you do not need to.


Your own brand, domain, logo, and data

Your white labeled platform will be hosted separately, with your own domain and logo. You have total control of your customers, partners, users and any other information. Your data will not be mixed with any other vendor's data.


Individual portal for each of your customers

You can create customer portal for each of your customers. Each of their managers, staff and contractors will be able to access your platform via their own portal.


Your team’s access

You can create multiple users for your company, assigning them to manage different customers.

You can even create vendor users for your partners so that you can joint manage your customers, staff or contractors in the most controlled and secure way.


Automated payroll reports

We are a vendor as well, so we know how many hours to be spent on manual, repetitive tasks of creating these spreadsheets and reports.

The platform is already integrated with Marco's HR Data Cloud, which could produce automated quotations, labor cost estimations and payroll reports, which will dramatically reduce your team's workload.


Global HR Data Cloud

All white label platforms will have direct integration with Marco's global HR Data Cloud, which provides country specific public holidays, leave type rules, payroll calculations and onboarding data requirements.

Besides providing country legislative updates via documents, Marco also automate country specific data update for all white label platforms.


Integration with your current systems

If you already have your own systems, you can integrate with Marco platform via Rest API, to access Global HR Data Cloud or to streamline data integration, maximizing the return of your existing investments.


Technical support by Marco's Team

If you need help on setting up and maintaining your platform and your customers portals, or integration with your existing systems, Marco's technical team will do the best to support you.


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