Our Local Vendors

Reaches every corner of the Globe

Leveraging on the expertise of partner vendors in each country, Marco is able to deliver the global service with real local team and knowhow.

Why We Work With Partners

Real local know-how

From India and Brazil to Germany and USA, we work with experienced partners that move swiftly so you can hit the ground running.

In full-compliance

We only work with the licensed local vendor in full compliance. Eg, to run EOR service for Germany, we will always need to work with a vendor with "AUG" license.

Breadth of support

Our local partners help us support our client in country, with local team and real human touch.
We uphold high standards to provide the best possible services, and so do our partners.

Who We Work With

Accounting and Legal Firms

We work with local tax and legal experts to ensure access to the latest, most accurate information and advice.

Recruitment & Staffing Agencies

We work closely with local firms to provide dedicated HR services.

Market Entry Service Providers

We work with experienced local market entry service providers for navigating the operational challenges of expanding your business.

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