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Exchange Rate

13 Jun 2024


Cost of Living

Indicative value for a working adult in a city: Paris

Publicly available data (Numbeo, etc..), verified by Marco’s in-country staff

Living Requirement Indicative Amount (EUR)
McDonalds Set Meal 12
Monthly Train and Bus Tickets 85
3 Bedrooms Rental (City Center) 3,050
3 Bedrooms Rental (Outskirt) 2,260

Current Inflation Rate



Minimum Wages

  • 1,747.20 per month, 2,517.13 per month for Salary Portage (can differ in collective agreements) or 11.52 per hour

Median Salary

Estimated based on general positions such as HR, Accounting, Admin roles, in tier one cities.

Job Level Monthly Salary (EUR)
Fresh Graduate
5 Years
Experienced & Managerial Level
10 Years
Specialized & Senior-Level
15 Years

Annual Salary Growth


Statutory Contribution

Companies with less than 50 staff, the employer pays social security and withholding tax on 15th of following month to URSSAF;
Companies with 50 employees, paid on 5th of following month

Country Level

Type Employer Rates Employee Rates Notes
Health Insurance 13%
7%: if annual salary less than 2.5 minimum salary
- All staff
Autonomy Solidarity Contribution 0.3% - All staff
Old-Age Insurance 8.55% : for the first 3,864 EUR
2.02%: for the exceed part
6.90%: for the first 3,864 EUR
0.4%: for the exceed part
All staff
Accident & Occupational Diseases at Work Insurance Based on company size and risks - All staff
Family Allowance 5.25%
3.45%: If annual salary >73,382.4 EUR
- All staff
Unemployment Insurance 4.05%
Contribution base capped at 15,456 EUR per month
- All staff
Supplementary Pension 6.01%: for the first 3,864 EUR
14.57%: for the salary between 3,864 - 30,912 EUR
4.01%: for the first 3,864 EUR
9.72%: for the salary between 3,864 to 30,912 EUR
All staff
Supplementary Health Insurance 4.38%, contribution base capped at 3,864 EUR - All staff
Wage Guarantee Insurance Association 0.2%, contribution base capped at 15,456 EUR - All staff
Gratuity 10% - All staff with fixed-term contracts only

Other Benefit

Other common employment benefits in France include:

  • Food voucher: EUR 19 per day
  • Mobile Phone Allowance: Roughly 50 EUR per month
  • Transport Allowance: Roughly 800 EUR per month
  • 13th salary payment is customary and paid at the end of the year

Income Tax


  • Tax period: 1st January - 31st December.
    Filing start date: May 1st

Country Level

Taxable Income Rate
<11,294 0%
11,295 - 28,797 11%
28,798 - 78,570 30%
78, 571 - 177,106 41%
+ 177,106 45%


Country Level

Taxable Income Rate
up to 26,000 20%
26,000+ 30%

Working Hours


35 hours
7 hours a day, 5 days a week

Typical practice

35/ 40 hours
Monday - Sunday


Limit of 48 hours per week, 10 hours per day. total annual limit is 220 hours

  • 25% for the first 8 hours over the statutory working time (between the 36th and 43rd hour of work
  • 50% for hours thereafter (from the 44th hour)
  • Hours worked over the statutory weekly limit: Staff get a wage supplement or the equivalent compensatory rest period
  • Employees who work on public holidays are paid additional wages or given time off in lieu.

Employment Contract

Fixed-Term CDD

Contract Format

Must written in French and signed by both employer and staff
- Paper or electronic copy, staff must receive a copy of contract within 2 working days (CDD)

Payroll Currency



6 month contract: Can be extended for a further 2 weeks Over 6 months contracts: Can be extended for 1 month

Contract Period

Lasts up to 18 months, can be renewed twice if the purpose is to replace:
- Staff on suspended contracts, pending staff recruited for a CDI, a commercial company manager /self employed person


Mandatory termination letter in writing

  • Notice during probation for staff:
    - 8 days' service: 24 hours,
    - Over 8 days' service: 48 hours
  • Notice during probation for employers:
    - 24 hours' service: < 8 days
    - 48 hours' service: 8 days to 1 month
    - 2 weeks' service: 1 month to 3 months
    - 1 month service: <3 months
  • After probation:
    - Set by the collective bargaining agreement
    - Generally 1-3 months
  • Severance:
    - When an employee's CDD comes to an end and they have not been offered a CDI
    - Equal to at least 10% total gross salary paid during a year
    - Payment is made at the same time as monthly pay

Public Holiday

11 days
Holidays that fall on a non-working day are classed as an extra day off.

Country Level

Date Name
01 Jan New Year's Day
29 Mar Good Friday
01 Apr Easter Monday
01 May Labor Day
08 May WWII Victory Day
09 May Feast of the Ascension of Jesus Christ
19 May Whit Sunday
20 May Whit Monday
14 Jul Bastille Day
15 Aug Assumption of Mary
01 Nov All Saints' Day
11 Nov Armistice Day
25 Dec Christmas Day
26 Dec St Stephen's Day


Leave Type Entitlement Notes
Annual Leave 5 weeks All staff
Working Time Reduction (RTT) Difference in hours over 35 per week converted into days All staff working 35+ hours per week
Sick / Hospitalisation Leave Up to 90 calendar days All staff
Maternity Leave 16 weeks for the first child
26 weeks for the 3rd
34 weeks for twins
46 weeks for triplets
Expectant mothers
Paternity Leave 25 calendar days for 1 baby
32 for twins
Parents of a newborn children
Parental Leave 1 year with a monthly allowance All staff with newborns
Bereavement Leave 3 working days All staff


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