Independent Contractors (IC)

Tap into world-class talent. Engage and pay ICs around the world with full compliance.

What is Independent Contractor (IC)?

ICs are third-party businesses or self-employed individuals that provide paid services to businesses on a project basis. Unlike regular employees, ICs are free to work for multiple companies with no set mandate on how they work.

Since ICs are not bound to the same labor laws and regulations as employees, companies do not have any employer obligations to them, such as expenses, payroll benefits, or time-off. ICs come in handy as a cost-effective way to access skilled specialists and fulfil fluctuating staffing demands.


Challenges of Managing ICs

On paper, ICs sound like a gateway to the global talent pool. In practice, companies who hire ICs may risk running afoul of stringent regulations on workforce classification. IC classification differs from country to country, with complex ever-evolving frameworks to navigate. A single misclassification can cost companies hefty penalties, which can add up across each country.

For global businesses, it is important to ensure that misclassification does not occur when dealing with ICs.

What We Provide

IC management services with full compliance in each country

Compliant Classification

  • IC registration verification
  • Marco’s operations keep pace with ever-changing regulations in every region

Direct Payments

  • Send direct payments worldwide in 42 currencies
  • Tax compliance validation for each payment

Invoices & Contracts

  • Automated invoice generation and consolidation
  • Streamline contracts management for both independent contractors and clients

Robust Insights

  • Comprehensive project and contractor costs in one dashboard
  • Global visibility with clear data visualizations

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