Expense Processing

Streamline every step without compromising accuracy, speed, and compliance.

How It Works

Turning chaos into structure


Custom Expense Policy

Every country has different tax laws and compliance regulations. Combining our in-country tax knowledge and your company’s requirements, we will create custom, country-specific expense policies for immediate use.


Integration with Existing Systems

Eliminate wasted time and manual expense entry from system to system. Get seamless data transfer between your expense, finance, and other systems.


Tax Compliance

From day one, tax compliance will be embedded in your expense procedures. Beyond expense policies, we will process, review, and pay out expenses in accordance with local taxation requirements.


Unified Approval

Meet our global business approval process governance: we help you root out confusion and delays in expense processing by sending the right reports and documents to the right manager.


Billing Review

Receipts, invoices, and more—all billing documents for your expenses will be reviewed by local accounting teams to minimize errors and uncertainty.


Compliant Payment

Whether you need to gross up the expenses, or categorize them as benefits-in-kind, we ensure timely payments to your staff in full compliance.

Local accounting specialists
Tax compliance and risk control
Global streamlined process governance

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